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Economics Crisis – I am broke .. why?

I go .. Around the world, many large and well-established investment and commercial banks suffered massive losses and even faced bankruptcy, however economist and governments are avoiding depression terms regarding the economic crisis.

Inflation rate globally are reaching highs level everywhere.. So what really went wrong?

Oil prices .. Exchange rate .. Unemployment (In USA) .. War (Iraq & Afghanistan) .. Banks (Credit) .. Increase of earth population .. US Election?

The amazing part no one knows, there is no clear defined reason for this global crisis, all the economist couldn’t agree on single answer, everyone got his own definition of how it went wrong .. for me it is not important how it went wrong .. Because there is no coming back from it .. Oil prices will not decrease .. Big corporation will not hire the employees back in US etc …

Food prices are increasing everyday, there is no limit for this increase till the governments will be scared of us.

Prices are getting higher and of course salaries will remain the same, because every company will not invest in people, they will play safe and wait to reach an end.

Cars companies will keep falling, individuals will not spend money on cars since .. since the salaries will go down or at least will remain the same. Well for Car manufactures your way out is to go companies and instead of doing credit with the bank to get a car.

War on Iraq & Afghanistan was stupid economically and logically. USA wasn’t prepared for war costs. Yes 9 11 wasn’t USA fault and yea it was a tragedy on the same time USA helped Bin laden with weapons in 70s and 80s to fight the Soviet Union which was the USA rival. And War on Iraq was for oil, the USA government thought if we get Iraq’s oil they would cover the costs of war on terrorism. With all the satellites USA got they couldn’t find one dude J come on ..

Usually in Every US election the dollar rise because investors (corporation)are supporting one candidate, they deal with the concept .. Scratch my back and I will scratch yours. Also it gets back to its normal records by 3-4 month .. so far nothing happened and we are expecting the worse.