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The logic says sad is the absences of happiness. is a state of mind or feeling such as contentment, satisfaction, pleasure, or joy.Type of happiness : Long Term and Short.The way of achieving this happiness to work hard for it by creating a goal –> over all standing –> then time frame to achieve it.We as Human .. we like to bitch a lot instead of working to get our happiness, Who is happy? happy with your Personal life , or work related – your job .. lately it is very depressing no-one is happy anymore. Rich people are not happy because it is way of living not to be impressed easily. Poor people are just poor, and they see no way out.

My parents and the elder people always tell me we were happy even though they didn’t have what we have at the moment. Easy jobs, Easy to do everything so they were happy, but we are not! Yea, increasing of earth temperature, earth population, pollution .. we do have a lot changes .. Heat make people act crazy, a lot of people makes you angry by default. So don’t tell me we were happy!!

Human beings live in the past, present and future at the same moment. The admonition that we “live in the moment” is undoubtedly good advice since it takes the mind off the past and the future. But for a majority of people is hard to do. So is it we suddenly so cool and we are hard to satisfy.I think we are blinded away from the beauty around us. Flowers and sunlight .. when was the time we looked at sunlight and smiled? I know we see it every fuck’n day but still it is nice. Life is beautiful!

To be content with the past
To be optimistic about the future

I do agree nothing around giving us joy  (wars, economy crisis, diseases .. etc) it should be all good in the hood. Be happy for yourself. Don’t die young!!Dont worry be happy!!