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Barcelona Beat Manchester United – Champions League Final 2-0

First of things first .. Italy – Rome did their best to have good atmosphere for the final. No Alcohol in down town helped to reduce the violence. 10,000 Man Utd fans went after their team without having tickets. Something to be mentioned because in England football is more than a sport.

Barcelona_Man_Utd_CLThe match started with the following start up.

Man Utd:  E. Van Der Sar                                                                             Barca: Valdes

J. O’shea,  Vidic,  Ferdinand,  Evra                                                        Puyol, Yaya Toure, Pique , Sylvinho

Park,  Anderson,  Carriek                                                                            Xavi,  Iniesta, Busquets,

Giggs, Ronaldo, Ronney                                                                              Henry , Eto,  Messi

Man Utd didn’t have a good start. A free kick from Ronaldo and brilliant save from Valdes. After wards in the min 10 Eto scored a goal just like the play station. After that Man Utd failed to play their own football, Ronney is way on the side of the field, he was losing a lot of his powers to attack. Ronaldo didn’t get the ball that much in the first half.  Park & Anderson FAILED, you cant compare them to Xavi & Iniesta. Xavi & Iniesta were the passing machines in the midfield. Xavi had 92 % accuracy for passing WOW!!.

Both defence were good. Puyol were the true captain of Barca, managed to Ronaldo most of the time.  Sylvinho the 36 years old managed to stop giggs at all.

Messi or Ronaldo?lionel-messi-vs-cristiano-ronaldo-73

The question that always pop for each player. Of course Messi ..why? Ronaldo is way skillful more than any player in the world True. But he doesn’t help that team to win. Yea he looks good when he have the ball and do his tricks .. this is 2-5 mins per match on the other hand Messi do his team work very good. Give Assist, his movement in the field, Passing and scoring as well. So it is Messi for sure. Guys don’t you forget when Sir Alex Ferguson sub Ronaldo in the English Premier league .. Ronaldo wasn’t really happy .. The guy is clearly a dick head. He wont know football more than Sir Alex Ferguson!!!

Barca scored alot of goals this session .. in Liga , the cup and the CL why because they play as a team. Everyone knows his duty.

Here the thing to be mentioned is Pep Guardiola, Great job 3 cups in your first year. Great start and keep it up.

Moments for the history:

– Eto Scoring again in the final

– Xavi hitting the post from a free kick.

– Ronaldo being a dick and getting yellow card for his frustration with Puyol

49621_hp– Messi .. the midget .. receving fantasic ball from Xavi between 3 Man Utd defenders. Messi Jumping between Van Der Sar (197cm) & Ferdinand (195 cm) scoring wonderfull header .. PS Messi is just 169 cm

– Ronaldo crying after the match 😀

– Henry winning the champions league

– Happeniess of Barca fan everywhere World wide.

I am out !! Wearing my Barca T-shirt


Chelsea 1-1 Barcelona .. Barca to the final aganist Man UTD

Well let me start with Saying .. Barca started the match without Henry, Puyol & Marquez.

So Barca Started with unfamiliar with Yaya Toure playing in Central Defender to mark Drogba .. which was his first this session. Usually Yaya Toure play in the midfield. So far he did very good job to stop Drogba.

Early goal for Essien from wonderful first time … Valdes couldn’t stop it. After that Barca kept playing carefully not be down by more than 1 goal. Chealse didn’t seek all the chances in-front of goal for Alex, Drogba, Anelka , Lampard, Ballack.

Valdes managed to pull out very good chance from Drogba after he passed Pique with great effort, But Valdes managed to take it out with his leg.

In the min 90th Iniesta Score wonderfull goal, killing chealse chance to Qualify.

After the match Drogba went to the ref. and he was pissed off of course (He is usually acting in the match and after the match) and screaming it is fuck’n Disgrace. Well When Abidal was sent off without tackling Anelka .. why wasn’t is Disgrace as well. Yea the match ref wasnt at the game level but still .. Drogba you will have a nice punishment!! Enjoy .. Man UTD is the next to go down 27-May in Roma.

More than a club !! 

mes que un club