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Robbie Williams – Rudebox

Dance Dance Dance


Mos Def – Casa Bey

Under rated Rapper!! The boogie man

From the albumThe Ecstatic waiting..


Word of the month

We dont need SEX !! the Goverment fucks us everyday !!


Asher Roth featuring Cee-Lo – Be By Myself

he is NOT coloured handicap he is just white .. he is not Eminem .. not bad!!

Some of his lyrics are nice .. he did good remix for Roth boys and Millie with his single I love college & Be By Myself cool video

She wants to be my lady but I don’t see her
She wants to be my lady but I’m a free bird
I gotta be by myself, gotta be by myself this time
I gotta fly by myself, go get high by myself this time


Chelsea 1-1 Barcelona .. Barca to the final aganist Man UTD

Well let me start with Saying .. Barca started the match without Henry, Puyol & Marquez.

So Barca Started with unfamiliar with Yaya Toure playing in Central Defender to mark Drogba .. which was his first this session. Usually Yaya Toure play in the midfield. So far he did very good job to stop Drogba.

Early goal for Essien from wonderful first time … Valdes couldn’t stop it. After that Barca kept playing carefully not be down by more than 1 goal. Chealse didn’t seek all the chances in-front of goal for Alex, Drogba, Anelka , Lampard, Ballack.

Valdes managed to pull out very good chance from Drogba after he passed Pique with great effort, But Valdes managed to take it out with his leg.

In the min 90th Iniesta Score wonderfull goal, killing chealse chance to Qualify.

After the match Drogba went to the ref. and he was pissed off of course (He is usually acting in the match and after the match) and screaming it is fuck’n Disgrace. Well When Abidal was sent off without tackling Anelka .. why wasn’t is Disgrace as well. Yea the match ref wasnt at the game level but still .. Drogba you will have a nice punishment!! Enjoy .. Man UTD is the next to go down 27-May in Roma.

More than a club !! 

mes que un club


Cincinnati’s Masked Super Hero

Remember kids.. With great power comes great responsibilty.

Part 2

Call me the Egyptian Ninja


notifications for getting fired

* When you workload is decreasing :

if you noticed considerable amount of work load dropped, Or you are done with a project and nothing else to be rising ahead. if you’re not being included in key projects that you were in the past — or tasks you typically handle are being assigned to others — there’s a chance your position may be eliminated.

* Your work is cyclical in nature:

Companies that are looking to trim personnel expenses  focus on departments or positions in which the work is cyclical.

*Your position isn’t viewed as a revenue-generator:

When budgets are reduced, priority is given to employees who are not contribuating figures attached to profit-producing projects.

* You’re not being kept in the loop. This is one of the biggest signs that your job is in jeopardy. If you discover decisions about your immediate work activities or projects are being made without you.

* Corporate belt-tightening. A sharp change in the company’s attitude toward basic expenses could be a tip-off that personnel levels also are being considered. Implementing one or two cost-cutting measures might simply be good fiscal policy.

* You’re being asked to document everything. When management shows an increased interest in the status of your projects and the procedures for completing them, it could be because they want to get a better sense of how things are done and what still requires attention should your tasks need to be reassigned.

* Your sector is struggling. If your company competes in an industry that is experiencing a down cycle, layoffs may be inevitable. If your firm is affected significantly, it may reduce the size of its work force to deal with the economic realities it faces.

Dont get fired !! Happy Labour day .. I am out !!