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Real Madrid 215 Million Euros spent so far

Real started the session with the Election, they have got the new president, and he mean business. Real Mardid starting the shopping with Raúl Albiol with 15 million Euros from Valencia (alright a good deal) then afterwards Kaka from Milian 65 Million Euros, in less than a Week Cristina Ronaldo 94 Million Euros and Benzema with 41 Million Euros. Really now what the fuck!!!! How much money Real Madrid have.

Call me crazy if there is entity can spend that much money. I would take half of this money go to Africa build a city from scratch (building, schools, transportation, hospitals …).

Michel Platini gone crazy on Man. City when they offered Kaka the same money .. he came out with the Arab money .. this will lead to depression in the football industry.

My Question is smiple and clear:

– why we didn’t hear Platini now ?.. with the purchasing every star whether he is going to play or not.
Real Madrid Fans 🙂 .. yea your team is rich and they buying stars .. but now owning stars will give you titles. Those players are going to be under great pressure from everybody .. fans, board, media .. Barca players are going to be playing under less stress because around madrid IT WILL BE CIRCUS.

Well there is some rumors Barca is signing Villa. Which is great .. but dont let Eto go.

Barca is MORE THAN A CLUB bitaaaaaches !!